Thursday, August 6, 2009

Good news, the last 3 babies got adopted

Today we found a very good home for the last 3 babies with the help of Julie from the Turtle rescue of Long Island
A family in South Georgia has decided to give them a forever home. They are truly committed and I am thrilled to know my last babies going into a bright future, just like the first 2. The guy that adopted my other 3 babies, never contacted me again after he got them, didn't even send me a picture of their safe arrival and I have regretted it so much that I trusted him. I have begged him several times to please send me a picture, so that I can see they are all alive and well, but my emails got ignored from that day on when he had them. Shame on this guy, who probably adopted them for resale. Should he ever read this blog, which he probably won't because he obviously didn't have any interest anyway, then know that what goes around comes around and everyone will get justice one day for bad things they have done. I hope you get yours soon!

Anyway, it will be a last time a very stressful night for me, when they are on their way to their new home, until they have arrived. They'll be shipped on Monday evening. It will be very hard to be left with nothing but the empty pen. I've loved them all like my own babies, basically they were my babies, not Cocoas. She only laid the eggs, I incubated them, helped them hatching, fed them, bathed them and loved them. She did not care for her babies at all.
But I won't breed any more, it was too much to endure, all this adoption process and the separating and shipping. As much as I loved them for a while, but the pain does not justify the fun I had.
I will however be a part of their life through pictures from the first and the third adopters, which makes me happy also.

Tomorrow I will make a lot of last pictures, so I can always look at them in the future and remember the time when they were my babies.

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