Wednesday, February 25, 2009

One more egg lost today

This morning when I checked on the eggs, I saw the one that was ready to hatch burst. What an incredible mess in the container and the foul smell was breath taking.
Seems as if I don't have a lot of luck with my eggs. That egg didn't contain an embryo.
The next egg is supposed to hatch mid March. Hopefully I'll have more luck with that one.

Friday, February 20, 2009

5 more eggs today

She got it done and I was busy and couldn't watch her. I had to dig huge holes in order to find the eggs this time. She covered it so well, you would not believe it. It looked so perfectly like it always does.
I found 5 more eggs and this time I was very careful with a glove, so I wouldn't brake one.

We have now 12 eggs in the incubator. I hope this was the last time this winter, because there is no more space for more eggs to incubate.

It's eggie time again :)

Mom Cocoa is digging again. She made 1 test hole this morning, but didn't really seem to be motivated, so I had to give her a long warm soak in the kitchen sink. After the bath, she started digging again and still is at work. I don't want to bother her now, or she may abandon that one also.
I wonder how many eggs she will lay today. We will see :)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A very sad day!!!!

Found one egg that was supposed to hatch around Valentine's day leaking a bloody liquid. Upon further inspection I saw the egg was cracked, so I got it out of the incubator and opened it and this is what I found

The embryo obviously died after a few weeks. He should have been my Valentine, I'm so sad :(