Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Georgy and Daisyboy sun taning

Between the Black Cohosh plants is their favorite place where they hang out all day long. they have 4 of those plastic bins with openings, where they can hide and sleep. Cocoa actually sleeps rigt now in one of them, while Georgy and Daisyboy catch some sunrays.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

First breakfast for the new hatchlings

This morning they all had their first breakfast, even little Rosie, the troublemaker, although she is only 2 days old. She grabbed a piece of strawberry like she had never done anything else. Like a big one haha.

The new hatchlings didn't eat a lot, but they did eat something. After they were done, Lily and Cookie just stayed where they were on the plate, while Rosie climbed over the edge and fell on her back

I turned her around and she ran right into the spaghnum moss pile to burry herself, before I could get her back into the bowl and the incubator. Well, it's warm today outside and very humid, so I figured, I just let them all outside. I covered the other 2 hatchlings with moss, because they didn't do it themselves. Rosie is only 2 days old and she acts like a 1 year old. What an amazing girl!

Rosie looking for a hide.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

All babies have hatched and are well

Group baby picture
From left to right:
Kiwi 1 year old, Peanut 2 months old, Pebbles 3 weeks old, Rosie 1 day old, Cookie 3 days old, Lily 2 days old

Friday, May 22, 2009

2 more babies

It was hectic the last days. The second baby hatched yesterday and the third today. The third one took 3 days to get out of the egg.

Here is Cookie with Lily

Cookie on the right, Lily on the left. Lily is a bit more red than cookie, that's how I can see who is who.

Here is my third baby that didn't want to come out of the egg.

Her name is Rosie. When she finally got out of the egg and I gave her a warm bath to get the eggshells left over off, she was a little rebel and climbed out of the bowl, run around like crazy and I couldn't even make a pic of her. This girl has pepper in her butt, haha. She even tried to bite my hand, unbelievable! I have never had such a rebel before.

Tomorrow I will make pictures of all the babies (5 now and 1 yearling) assumed, Rosie will let me.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cookie has hatched

Cookie hatching

Checked the incubator today after 4 days not looking at all and yeah, I saw a little shell. Cookie was already fully hatched and the eggshell was laying on top of him.
An other egg is pipping. Should get an other hatchling tomorrow.

Pipping egg

Cookie tired from hatching

Cookie's yolksac

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pebbles was eating the first time

Day 9 in Pebbles life and she was eating for the very first time. Actually I was very concerned about her the last days, because she was so different than the other 2 babies I had before her. She didn't move at all and couldn't lift her head. When I bathed her in the morning, I had to hand support her head or she would have been drowning in the very shallow water dish, because her head would just hang on the ground with the nose down.

Today she surprised me, when she grabbed her first green leaf to eat, and boy did she wolf down. Now everything is fine and I hope she finds as much pleasure as the other 2 ones in the morning, when the breakfast gets served.