Friday, January 1, 2010

Last thing Cocoa did in 2009

After Cocoa had walked for several hours around in the house, (God thanks she had made her business just before she climbed out of her pen) she obviously decided to go back into her pen and walked straight to her home. She stood in front of the pen and looked up to me to tell me, that I need to lift her up and help her go back in. Ok, we don't need any words, the understanding between us has developed to an unspoken act of gestures and body language, so I know exactly what my girl wants.

I lifted her up and she started immediately to dig a hole. Oh my, I almost knew it, that's why she became so restless today and needed a big walk. It took her several hours to complete the job of laying 3 eggs and covering up the nest and right around midnight she went to sleep.

I carefully dug the eggs out and threw them away. Yep, I won't breed any more, can't deal with the pain to give those cute babies away. It was an awful experience last year to separate from all my babies and I have decided to not put myself in this position any more.