Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's getting quiet in the baby pen

Only 3 babies left and in the morning, when it's feeding time, I miss the other ones mostly. Peanut and Cookie were always the first ones to show up in the morning, now that they are gone, nobody comes out by itself any more. I need to dig in the moss and find them to get them ready for breakfast.
I am not used to only have 3 babies and like yesterday I prepared way to much food.

Look how Bobby stretches his little legs to reach something what awoke his interest.

They all eat like there is no tomorrow

That's Rosie on the right. She couldn't get enough this morning and it took 40 minutes until she was finally full.

I am rearranging their pen today, since they don't need that much sphagnum moss now. I will plant on half with edible greens and the other half pile up with moss, where they can sleep. Hard to imagine to give the last babies away also, once an adopter is found.

Btw, I didn't hear anything from the last adopter yet, other than they arrived and are ok. I am really sad about it, had hoped I would get at least an update on how they are doing, if they ate well and maybe a picture.

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