Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Breakfast party in the baby pen

All babies are eating well now, even little Ginger started to eat today. She took a longtime after hatching to find pleasure with real food. Her little brother Bobby started eating right way after hatching, and although he is over a week ahead of his sister, he is much smaller than her. Ginger was a mega huge baby that hatched from a mega huge egg. Her egg was almost double the size of all the other eggs I had. She may come after her MomCocoa, who was with 3 years already as big as a 6y/o. Cocoa is much larger than the 2 guys Georgy and Daisyboy, who are all the same age.

Kiwi had already enough and is now going to explore the pen.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

New Redfoot baby outdoor enclosure

This morning we launched the Redfoot baby enclosure for 4 hours, as long as it still was in the shade. The plants are still too small and don't provide shade during the day, so I thought, it might be a good idea to get them used to their new enclosure every day a few hours, until they feel comfortable and the plants are bigger.

They sure did explore every inch of it and i had to count 8 probably a hundred times to not lose anybody. I was sitting right beside the enclosure, made some pics and watched them carefully, so I can see what I have to improve to make it safer.
It all started out with a morning bath.

Then the breakfast got served

Here is a full view of the enclosure, while the babies still eat breakfast. Next week, when the plants are bigger, it will have natural shade and I can let them out a bit longer to get used to it.

Here is an other view from the side. where you see the glass door in the house that's my office, so I can have a direct view on them when I sit on my computer.

View from the opposite side. Babies are still eating.

The 2 plant screens you see on each side will be soon covered with Morning glories and Trumpet vine.

Little Rosie (in front of the pile in the middle) was done eating and started to explore.

3 are still eating and 4 headed to the green hide, while Rosie wandered around on the other side of the pen.

Here we see Kiwi on the right, 3 in the green hide, 3 still eating.

Peanut remains eating, while Kiwi got already hungry again and goes back to the breakfast table.

Here is Lily and Bobby under the Morning glories in the left and Peanut still eating. He'll get a big one, as much as he eats every day.

There is Pebbles, exploring the other side of the pen now.

Here we see little Rosie.

Peanut finally done eating and now climbing on top of the hubba hut. He actually managed to get on top of the rocks and I will have to make a higher barries on that side, so nobody can escape. Little Cookie between the succulent plant.

Peanut now under the Morning Glories, digging for something.

2 of the babies disappeared under the big hubba hut and one is checking out the Nasturtiums.

Yeah, those Nasturtiums are delicious, must try a few.

2 in front of the big hubba hut, 1 on the Nasturtiums

After 3 hours they became all tired and disappeared in the hides. That's when the sun came out and it got hot. I decided to get them back into their plastic bin for sleeping, which is in full shade, so they won't be baked in the sun. We will do this now every morning, until everything is covered with plants, so that I can let them in there during the day.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

There was an american violet 5 minutes ago

This is what the American violet looks like after Peanut and Pebbles discovered it. Now it's all gone. Little Lily didn't even get a chance to get close to the leaves.

It's around 95 degrees and the big guys are hanging out in their hide bins and wait patiently until it gets cooler, so they can walk around.
Each one in his own bin.


and Mom Cocoa. Seems as if she found a mud puddle earlier today.

Pebbles hungry again

4pm and Pebbles showed up again. She walked a bit around to look if there is anything of interest, until she found the american violets. Seems as if she is going to eat every leaf available.

What a hungry little girl.

Haha, just checked on her again and she now got company. Peanut came out and joins her (in the foreground) Lily also came out, but didn't get to the leaves yet. I've planted these american violets only an hour ago and now they are almost gone.

Pebbles wants some mushroom

Only a couple hours after breakfast, Pebbles comes out of his hide and looks around. We know this look, don't we? It means, he wants a mushroom.
There you go Pebbles.

Mmmhh, that mushroom is good.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

All babies

The last baby (Ginger, second row on the right) has hatched 3 days ago. All babies are eating, except little Ginger (Bobby had his first breakfast this morning). I think Ginger will be interested in food tomorrow or a day later.
Bobby took some bites of Romaine and ate a whole Nasturtium leaf.

Kiwi is always the last one. He wakes up, when he hears the babies munching, but then he is soon all over the place.
First group is eating. Pebbles in the front, Peanut in the middle, Lily and Rosie in the background. The breakfast today was Romaine, Hibiscus, Nasturtium, flowers and leaves, Chickweed, Mushrooms, Carrots, Lily flowers and some yellow squash. In the afternoon they mostly get a little fruit treat and the older ones get a worm once a week.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Last baby hatching

The last baby is in the process to hatch. Little sleepy takes his time. I could catch a couple of sweet pictures how he sleeps now in his half open egg.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Baby Bobby has hatched

Bobby hatched from a cracked and leaking egg. I didn't remove this one like I did with the cracked eggs before and God thanks, I didn't. He is so sweet and full of life. An other egg has pipped today and probably will hatch tomorrow. The last egg was a dull and I threw it away.

Welcome to this world, Bobby.