Friday, August 7, 2009

Cocoa becomes restless again

This morning at 5:30am when I sat on the patio to drink my morning coffee, I heard something just around the corner. When I went looking what it is, I saw Cocoa restless wandering around.

She is usually a sleepyhead and doesn't get up that early. I thought she may be hungry and hurried in the kitchen to make her a nice breakfast, but she totally ignored the plate with all the goodies and passed by. Well, that can mean only one thing. She is already ready to lay her first eggs and looking for a good spot in the yard to do it. Poor girl, she hasn't eaten in 2 days now and I was already wondering why she wouldn't eat. She probably carries a bunch of eggs with her and has no space for food any more. I hope she finds her spot early enough before the big heat breaks out today.

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