Friday, August 7, 2009

Cocoa is a drama queen

I knew it, Cocoa didn't lay any eggs yet. She obviously didn't find the right perfect spot in the entire yard. She's always very choosy, stresses everybody, and it takes her days to finally accept one spot, because she can't hold the eggs any longer. She wandered around for several hours this morning to turn back into her favorite hide place to rest. What was interesting that at around 6am Georgy came out of his hide and followed her, but without bothering her. Unfortunately my cam batteries just went dead. He obviously knew she is ready to lay her eggs and as a good husband, he wanted to be with her. When she lays in the yard, he is always by her side and sits patiently beside her when she's digging the nest until she's completely finished. Not so Daisyboy, although he is part of the game also, but he doesn't care about Cocoa more than having his fun with her.

I need to watch her closely this afternoon, when it gets cooler she might wander again and try to find a place to lay her eggs. Pretty early this year, usually she doesn't start laying eggs until late october.

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