Friday, August 7, 2009

The hungry wolfes

This morning everybody was up early, even the babies. Little Bobby showed up from under the moss, when they still were in the kitchen at around 6:30am.

I had to hurry to make their breakfast ready and the bath and bring them outside.

Bobby is the first one who wants to leave the water dish, because he sees the food just a few inches away.
There ya go, little Bobby

Ginger (foreground) and Rosie still enjoyed the warm bath, while bobby was already eating like a little piggy.

A few seconds later, they both wanted to get out of the water dish and have their breakfast too.

Ginger eating some Carrots


Little Bobby munching Papaya

Rosie munching Papaya too. Mmmmm, there is nothing better!

Rosie came out again after 3 hours to have a second breakfast. She obviously was very hungry today. I wonder from what!?!?

I've planted some Hosta in their pen yesterday and she started eating the leaves as if she didn't get enough this morning, so I took her out and let her have a second round on the breakfast table.

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