Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The babies are ready to go

Blogger didn't work for a while, but now everything is fine.
I've packaged the babies, each one in his container and they are ready to go. It's 4pm here now and the UPS guy was supposed to come from 4pm on. I'm sure he will show up shortly.
They all got a last kiss and it was extremely hard to package them up this time. No baby left any more, nobody I can feed in the early morning, nobody whom I can cuddle.
MY big guys are too heavy to lift just because I am in cuddle mood and they don't like to be cuddled anyway. They rather like some scratches on their shell or necks.

The box is closed yet and waiting. I made a lot of holes everywhere for breathing and hope they feel comfortable.

4:09 and the UPS guy isn't here yet. Hopefully he comes a bit later, I won't open the box any more, they certainly feel well, they all have been very sleepy, when I got them packaged, probably because they ate so much today.

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