Sunday, July 12, 2009

The new shade construction

The big pen that i built for the babies wasn't appreciated. The babies are still too small to be lost in such a huge pen and every time, when they finished eating, they immediately disappeared in the hides. Also with all the plants and rocks in there, they would fall on their backs trying to climb on everything and it was just too worrisome to let them out there, when i couldn't stand right beside it. Anyway, they are outside all day long, because they just love to be in fresh air, but still in the small under the bed container. To prevent them from being in direct sun, I took a big table cloth and hang it over the top of the container with 2 flowerstands on the left and the right to hold it up.

I am looking around since days to find a bigger storage box than the one I have right now, but the biggest size is only 3 inch longer, not much of a difference.
I found an outdoor pond at Lowes, rectangular, which would fit perfectly on top of the folding table.
I could even keep them in the winter inside in this pond and have them in the kitchen on that folding table. It is a great size, even when they get bigger. Once I have the pond (needs to be ordered) I will install an insect screen on the top, which I have left over from my storm door and buy 2 clamp on beach chair umbrellas, to use on either side.

The adoption so far isn't going to well, too many people who have no idea what a redfoot tortoise needs, want to adopt them, but they fail to provide the most essential things like proper lighting, outdoor pen or the right diet. So I have decided to take it easy with the adoption and not make a rushed decision, until somebody comes along, who really wants to get into it the right way.

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