Monday, July 6, 2009

What a feast

8am in the morning, when I mist the substrate in the baby pen, one little head after an other is coming out of the moss and looking for food. This morning I fed them indoors, since it was rainy and pretty windy. But nevertheless, the food is always appreciated, no matter, if it's served under the UVB lamp or under the sun.

Kiwi, the sleepy head of course, preferred to sleep a little longer than the babies, because he wants the food dish all for himself. Once the babies are done, I have to wake him up and place him on the food dish or he would sleep until late morning.

The mushroom pieces, which I serve every day, are the main attraction and always will be eaten first. I feed the babies only twice a week some fruits, because they become easily diarrhoea from too much. For sweetness I add smashed baby carrots every day, which they love very much also. Today they had beside the mushrooms and the carrots, kale, Lily flowers, Hibiscus leaves and flowers, romaine and nasturtium leaves and flowers.

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