Monday, July 20, 2009

3 more babies got adopted

Kiwi, Cookie and Lily got adopted today and will be shipped to South Carolina tomorrow. An other sleepless night for me, but I am glad I found a very good home for those babies also. when I ordered the UPS pick-up today, I started crying again. Why is it so difficult to part with them? It always feels as if a piece of my heart gets torn out.
I guess that's the punishment, because I didn't think about the future, when I started incubating the eggs. I wanted so badly see a little tort baby hatching, but I had no idea I would bond so strongly with all of them. They are like my own kids.
Cocoa will lay more eggs soon, but I won't breed any more. It is too hard on me to give them away and every time when a box with some of them inside leaves me, it is as if I lose a piece of myself.

I hope they all have a wonderful life in their new families. Tomorrow will be a horrible night for me again until I know they have safely arrived at their destination.

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