Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The babies got picked up at 4:30pm

Honestly, I will never understand how people can intentionally breed Tortoises and sell them for profit. I wouldn't ever be able to make a business out of selling animals. I understand that it's important to breed them in Captivity rather than having wild caught tortoises imported, but you must have a heart of stone, if you can do this.
It teared my heart apart, when the babies left me today. I am still crying, although I know they go into a very good home. If I had sold them, I would have to sell them to anybody who pays the money, not being able to chose their new home carefully.

I have probably refreshed the UPS tracking site a hundred times since they got picked up, but it doesn't show anything yet. They will get scanned once they arrive at the airport, I guess, just like the last time. It drives me nuts to know the package in many people's hands who probably don't care.
And if it wasn't enough stress yet, now it started to rain and pours buckets from the sky.

But I know God will be with them.

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