Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The babies are ready for the trip

I ordered the pick-up at 6pm, and like usual, UPS showed up already at noon. I told the guy that live animals cannot stay in the box for that long and that I ordered the late pick-up for a reason. He promised me to come back around 4pm, which is the allegedly latest pick-up they can do in my area. Okidokie, I hope he really comes again and doesn't forget about it now.

I got the babies ready, it's 3pm here. They had a warm bath, and then I fed them again. They all 3 had again some good bites.

Cookie on the left, Kiwi in the middle and Lily on the right.

Here is Kiwi in the plastic container. He looks as if he doesn't understand what's going on.
I gave him a last kiss and said good bye.

Here are the 2 little ones Cookie and Lily already packaged up. They are on the bottom of the box. I placed Kiwi's container on the top, some peanuts and newspaper in between.
Also the little ones got a last good bye kiss.

I pray to God that he is with them on the travel and protects them.
Here is the box ready to go. I opened it later again, because I thought, they don't need to be in the closed box until the guy actually arrives and picks them up. I will close the box again, once he is here.
Can't work today. This is wearing me out. Damnit! I am crying again. Why is this so hard?

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