Monday, April 20, 2009

Peanut is now 5 weeks old

Peanut has grown 2 rings in only 5 weeks. He is the first one in the morning that comes out of the sphagnum moss to look around, if the breakfast is ready yet. It looks so cute, when only his little head is looking out of the moss, while his shell is still buried. He now reacts to my voice and when I start talking to him, he looks in my direction and his little toothpick legs carry him to where the voice is coming from.

They get their bath every morning before feeding, but like you can see, Peanut gets already impatient and wants to leave. He knows food isn't far away now.

They are so hungry every morning and don't waste any time to wolf the food down. This morning they had a mix of romaine, carrots, yellow squash, green squash, white mushrooms and strawberries.

It always amazes me in which harmony they share the food and don't bother each bother like the big ones do.

Stay tuned, new babies are expected to hatch at the end of this week. The eggs look good so far and I hope we will get 4 more babies to see shortly.

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