Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The new baby outdoor pen is in work

Last week I started to build the baby outdoor pen, as it gets warmer now every day and from next weekend on the gang will be housed outside day and night.

I bought 100 border stones from Home Depot and build them in an oval shape, close to the patio, so I can have an eye on my babies all day long, when I sit in my office on the computer.

I just put everything on top of the grass and sprayed the grass with round up concentrate weed killer. It doesn't work very quickly, because the nights are still cool and round up needs at least temperatures in the 80s to work well, so I had to wait a week and repeated the process.

When the babies get bigger, I can just buy more stones and enlarge the enclosure further back.

This is what the grass looks like after one week of weed killer spray. It turns a bit yellow now and the second sprayer hopefully will work a bit faster. I mowed the lawn today and threw all the cut grass into the pen. This weekend I will get the indoor pens empty, which means, lots of soil and mulch that has to be moved. All this soil and mulch I will throw in the baby outdoor pen and fill it up, then till everything and hope the worms will help me to loosen the soil, where it's still grass and weeds. I plan to fill it up to the second row and plant some nice shady plants into it, mainly greens that they can eat and also some small bushes, where they can hide under during the summer heat. I am very excited to plant this pen and get the babies to enjoy it. I hope they feel very cozy in it, once it's done. We still have all the eggs in the incubator and I should get some more babies shortly.

Stay tuned and watch my baby outdoor pen getting in shape. I will post more pictures as I go on.

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