Thursday, April 23, 2009

An other embryo lost

This morning when i checked on the eggs, I found an other one leaking blood. I got the egg out of the container and opened it. What I found was shocking.

The embryo wasn't dead, it still moved. I couldn't believe it and thought, maybe I shouldn't have opened the egg? I feel so sick right now. This little embryo moved it's legs and head, damnit!!!!

I separated it from the yolk to which it was attached and threw it in the garbage. My heart is bleeding, I probably made a mistake by opening the cracked egg, but how could it have a chance to develop fully, when it was already leaking 4 weeks before the hatch date?

I will never do this again. I may have killed this guy for nothing.
Not sure, if I want to write more today. I am pretty much turned off.

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