Friday, April 24, 2009

The outdoor seasan has began

Yesterday night I left the adults outside. It didn't get cooler than 58 degrees and I felt it was safe. I cleaned Cocoa's indoor pen out and threw all the soil and mulch in the baby outdoor pen. Lots of work, adn I still have to do the same with Georgy's and Daisyboy's pen. Uhah, you never get workless with so many torts.

anyway, the babies are enjoying the fresh air outside also, but I take them in during the night. Too dangerous with all the birds, cats and other critters around, and also too cold for them still.

Today they enjoyed their morning bath again, but under the blue sky

Ain't they the sweetest little cuddlebugs?

After their bath they had breakfast, this morning a mix of turnip, American violet, dandelion, hollyhock leaves, hibiscus leaves, carrots, mushroom, tomatoes and a little bite banana. Like every day I put some calcium powder from a cuttlebone on top of the food.

This is their little plastic bin, where I house them right now - but not too much longer and it will be only for the night to sleep in the house.

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