Friday, January 2, 2009

Kiwi's first months

Kiwi started to eat and drink 7 days after he was hatched. And boy did he eat! He would come out twice a day from under his hubba hut to look for food.

He quickly tripled his size, and enjoyed the warm summer outside in his plastic pen. I could see his pen from my office window and be immediately there, should he get in trouble. At night I brought him in the house. Kiwi learned all kinds of things and one day he discovered, that he likes to swim. He obviously didn't know that Redfoot tortoises are not supposed to swim. He jumped from my hand, when I held him into the plastic pool for the adults just so much to cover him half with water.

He swam like a pro and from that day on, he was used to swim for 5 minutes every day. Sometimes I let him walk a little bit on the patio, so he could explore his surroundings.

Uncle Daisyboy inspecting this little pooping monster.

Kiwi had lots of fun, but eating was his favorite.

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