Saturday, January 3, 2009


Hello, I am Georgy the Wild one. I was believed to be the only male in this family and had a lot of fun with my 2 girls, Cocoa and Daisy. Then one day Daisy entered puberty and showed us to our all surprise that she was a boy. He did not only fool Mom, but also myself! Well, Mom called him Daisyboy then, because she couldn't adjust to an other name any more.

I am the tort with no fear and nothing is too high for me to not climb on. When Mom built us our new outdoor pen at our new place in Decatur, I was pretty soon bored exploring it and found out there was a huge yard around our enclosure, which was basically wasted space, if I couldn't have a peek into it. So I looked for good place where I could climb over the brick wall and make this yard my own.
After many tries I finally found out how to climb up and land on my feet on the other side

Mom didn't see me first doing this and one morning I greeted her at the patio, when she was looking out the door from her office. I guess she almost got a heart attack when she first saw me, because she brought me quickly back into the enclosure and I had to do my climbing exercise all over again. I did this several times and she always brought me back until Daisyboy also tried to climber over the wall and was successful. We both now marched through the big yard and Mom finally accepted, that this enclosure wasn't suitable for us any longer, that we need more space. She knocked the walls down and we were free. How we enjoyed to have half an acre yard all for ourselves. There was so much to explore. Bushes, shrubs, flowers, weeds, it was like being in a paradise. We walked around, always together, following each other.

We had a wonderful summer and loved to hide under these plants, when it was hot. They gave us lots of shade and the best thing was, Mom had to search us all the time.

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