Wednesday, December 31, 2008


There he was, my little precious baby Kiwi. So perfect and sweet. He was the size of a quarter and his legs the size of toothpicks.

His yolk sac was still full and he would nurture himself until it was fully absorbed (appr. 1 week later).

I could not believe, this little quarter sized baby was a real Redfoot tortoise. He had everything, even his little egg tooth. (See this pinsized white little thing in the middle of his face?)

I gave him a warm bath for the first time in his short life to clean te egg shell leftovers and to welcome him in his new world. Of course I wasn't prepared, had no pen set up for him yet, but god thanks they can stay for the first week in the incubator. So I made him a bowl, filled with sphagnum moss and put him back in the incubator. He buried himself deep in the moss and slept most of the time.

I drove in the meantime to Wallyworld and got a plastic bin, to petsmart for some more moss and a little hubba hut.

I decorated his first home and installed an UVB lamp so he could catch some sunlight.

I hoped he would feel cozy in his new pen once he has absorbed his yolk sac.

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