Sunday, January 4, 2009


Hello, I am Daisyboy and although I am a real tort man yet, Mom still calls me babygirl. This is because she thought I was a girl, when she got me. Boy have I fooled them all. I didn't have the typical male concave plastron and got it basically over night. Anyway, I am really laid back and take it easy. I love to stay in my tort house during hot summer days and come out, when I hear Mom walking around.

I would walk miles to hang out around her feet. I am a foot fetishist. Love my Mom's toes and will sit just right on top of them, if she lets me. but I also love to explore things in the yard.
Everything is so interesting.

Not sure yet, I may go back to the house until it gets a bit cooler.

Yeah, see ya later. I am a bit tired now and need to have a nap.

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