Monday, August 17, 2009

The tort food is growing nicely

After only one day my seeds have sprouted. I mixed the soil with the coir from the baby pen that I had cleaned out and misted them from above from time to time. They have been growing outdoors in the biggest heat, although in the shade.

Here are the little seedlings

Mustard Seedlings

Romaine seedlings

Dandelion seedlings. I've planted those on top of the sphagnum moss, because they are very heat sensitive. The moist sphagnum moss kept them pretty cool. They also germinated on the second day.

Cocoa resting between the tall Cannas

Daisyboy pretty sleepy in his bin.
No sign of Georgy. While Cocoa and Daisy prefer the same spot every day to hang out, Georgy always has to find a new one. So I never know where he is, until he shows up somewhere in the evening.

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