Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Daisyboy wallows in the Banana voluptuousness

Daisyboy climbed up the first step to my office (obviously didn't see me sitting on the patio) in the hope to get a afternoon treat. I thought it's time to get him a banana, knowing how much they all love bananas. I don't feed them very often, because Banana binds the calcium intake and isn't meant to be a daily food source, but once every 2 months I can spoil them with it.

See how Daisy gets crazy

Woah, it must be a good day, a banana just showed up here, right in front of me

Yeah, that is what I call tasty

*burp* Man am I glad there is no competition here right now

If I only had a bigger mouth

*burp, burp* need to get that thing down, before somebody takes it away

Do I look greedy? Nah!!!!!

*burp* Mmmm, that is Banana heaven!

Almost done!

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