Monday, August 24, 2009

It was coolish last night

The temps dropped below 57 degrees last night, and I am thinking about getting the indoor pens ready this week.
9:30 and it's still only 65 degrees, and I found Daisyboy beside the ornamental grass plant, slowly warming up in the sun.

Georgy and Cocoa (right behind him and not to see on the pic) sitting between the Cannas in the deep shade. Georgy will soon come out to walk in the sun, but Cocoa tends to not move at all when it's cold. She didn't move one inch yesterday.

The food I put out for them also was untouched, but I watched them and saw how they ate leaves from different plants in the yard.

I will give Cocoa a warm bath today, so she warms up and has some reason to walk around. She's getting a little lazy lately, but that may be because she has bunches of eggs growing inside of her. She ate almost a half small cuttlebone yesterday, which indicates, that she needs calcium for the developing eggs.

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