Tuesday, June 16, 2009

All babies

The last baby (Ginger, second row on the right) has hatched 3 days ago. All babies are eating, except little Ginger (Bobby had his first breakfast this morning). I think Ginger will be interested in food tomorrow or a day later.
Bobby took some bites of Romaine and ate a whole Nasturtium leaf.

Kiwi is always the last one. He wakes up, when he hears the babies munching, but then he is soon all over the place.
First group is eating. Pebbles in the front, Peanut in the middle, Lily and Rosie in the background. The breakfast today was Romaine, Hibiscus, Nasturtium, flowers and leaves, Chickweed, Mushrooms, Carrots, Lily flowers and some yellow squash. In the afternoon they mostly get a little fruit treat and the older ones get a worm once a week.

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