Sunday, May 24, 2009

First breakfast for the new hatchlings

This morning they all had their first breakfast, even little Rosie, the troublemaker, although she is only 2 days old. She grabbed a piece of strawberry like she had never done anything else. Like a big one haha.

The new hatchlings didn't eat a lot, but they did eat something. After they were done, Lily and Cookie just stayed where they were on the plate, while Rosie climbed over the edge and fell on her back

I turned her around and she ran right into the spaghnum moss pile to burry herself, before I could get her back into the bowl and the incubator. Well, it's warm today outside and very humid, so I figured, I just let them all outside. I covered the other 2 hatchlings with moss, because they didn't do it themselves. Rosie is only 2 days old and she acts like a 1 year old. What an amazing girl!

Rosie looking for a hide.

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