Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The gang moved indoors last night

Unfortunately the summer nights seem to be over. the temperatures dropped into the mid 50s, which means, I had to bring the torts in the house. The last days I made several trips to home depot to buy Cypress mulch for the indoor pens. Each pond is now filled with 8 cubic mulch, but I think, it's not leveled enough and I need to buy one more bag for each pen.

Georgy's pen: Like every year, when they change quarters, it takes some time for them to acclimate, and the first thing they do is pooping because they don't like changes. So I stood there with the paper towels in my hand and removed for one hour everything they left behind, until they finally must have been completely empty. I did not get a chance yet, to plant some plants in the pens, because honestly I didn't expect to get them in so early this year. Even during the day today, I couldn't bring them out again, because it's only around 70 and at this temperature they already don't move any more. How I would wish to live in a warmer climate!!

Daisyboy warming up under the UVB lamp, because the last night they spent outside was only around 60, so they already shut completely down.

On the left is Cocoa's pen, she pooped in pieces and dragged it around, it wasn't very nice to deal with, but after 6 years I got kinda used to it.

Here is Daisyboy not sure yet, if he wants to sleep in the plastic bin hide. It sure is a change from the big yard into those small pens. But next week the tempertures go up again and I hope to have them outdoors for at least during day time.

Cocoa again, also warming up under the lamp.

After they all 3 had a warm bath in the bathtub this morning, they got their food and everyone got some scratches and neck strokes. Cocoa is enjoying them very much like always and doesn't want me to stop. I know the picture is awful blurry, but you can at least see how she loves my attention.


Greek Tortoise Guild said...

A Greek Tortoise that I used to have also loved to be rubbed underneath her chin. However, my present Greek Tortoises, Hector and Phoebe, try to eat my fingers whenever I get close to them. They have such different personalities!
Do some of your Redfoot Tortoises like this more than others?

Turtlegaby said...

As far as I know every tortoise that is well socialized loves this. Spend some more time with your tortoises, talk with them and hand feed them, then they will recognize you and not being afraid of you.