Friday, August 14, 2009

No more baby pen :(

I cleaned the baby pen out today and removed all the plants, it was incredibly hard, especially when I saw this hollow spot under the Nasturtium plant, where Rosie used to sleep. She always used the same spot and had made it herself really comfortable. I stared at this spot which was exactly as long and wide like her little body, for almost 10 minutes before I could even it out and mix the sphagnum moss with the coir and other soil. I will use this container to plant Dandelions.

I transplanted Rosie's Nasturtium into a small pot and will try to keep it alive as long as possible.

I also got a little Mustard plant out, which was gnawed on and saved it.

Since the last babies left me, I am in a kind of depressed state of mind. I cry a lot and nothing is fun any more, not even working in the yard. I miss them so much that it physically hurts me.
Maybe it's because I never had own children - THEY were my children, I've seen them hatching and growing.

Yesterday I came across an auction site where they auction off reptils of all kind, also tortoises. There was a guy who had a Redfoot baby listed, just a few days old and several bids on it up to $150. The description said, he feeds on Endive and Mazuri pellets. I cannot tell how much this shocked me. This poor little guy who cannot defend himself that probably never will get a balanced diet and was born to get deformed and metabolic bone disease, just because people don't care and want to earn money.
Then an other dealer From Russia sold russian tortoises by the truckload. How cruel those people are!!!!
Tortoises are the most wonderful creatures that have survived millions and millions of years, and now people treat them as if they were objects with which they can earn a fast buck.


If you are a tortoise lover, please never ever buy one from those cruel sellers. Go to a tortoise rescue and adopt one.

They are full with tortoises that desperately need a good home.

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