Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Last baby pictures before they leave me

Today is a very sad day for me. My babies will leave me, I just printed the shipping label and sheduled the pick-up.
I'm sitting here in tears and am not motivated at all to write this blog today, but want to keep me busy, that I don't get carried away in sentimentality.

I had some bad dreams last night, dreamed about Kiwi, Cookie and Lily. I cannot forget them.

Here are some pics from this morning, when they had their last breakfast in their old home.

Rosie: I see food, get me outta here

Bobby: I'm diving into the carrots

Rosie: mmh those greens are yummy

Ginger eating mushroom
I've watched them eating until they were done, like i did every morning and gently stroke their shells. They feel the touches to the shells and really like it.

Here we have Rosie again, ready to eat the hole piece of mushroom.

Ginger was the first one done this morning and I sat her back into the pen. she walked straight into her favorite place under the Coleus plant.

Next one rosie, also walking in direction coleus

Last one Bobby, still thinking if he could eat some more.

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