Monday, August 10, 2009

I packaged the box today as test to determine the shipping costs. Because of the heat the last days, I had to delay the shipment a couple of days. The babies will be shipped now on Wednesday.
After I got everything ready, my stomach got upset again, just like with the first 2 shipments. Although I still have them a couple of days, I gave the an extra treat of sweet potato and cuddled each one of them for a while.
Here is Bobby, he still has some sweet potato on his mouth.

Rosie caught a hair of mine when I gave her a kiss

And Ginger baby, some sweet potato hanging on her nose.

This time it will be the hardest for me, because there is no baby left, when they are gone. I probably will give my big guys a big hug after I am being left babyless. I think every day at Kiwi my first born, Lily and Cookie and that I don't know what happened to them. It is a terrible feeling and sometimes I have the wildest imaginations, then I start crying. How heartless can anyone be to adopt 3 of my precious babies and never ever contact me again to show me a picture of them?
I wish I still had them, and will never forgive myself that I adopted them to this jerk.

The new parents of Bobby, Ginger and Rosie have started a blog where I can read about them and see pictures. If you want to see them grow up too, click here
I am sure, they will be loved very much and that's all I wanted for them.

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