Thursday, August 13, 2009

I am awake now

After my first cup of coffee I am fully awake now, I hope the babies are not too scared and are well. A nice warm bath and a breakfast is certainly waiting for them upon arrival. Can't wait to see pics of them.

It almost seems as if I got routine, haven't been that nervous like I was the last times (ok, that was a lie) but at least I could sleep 6 hours.

The last guy who never sent me a picture or anything other than they have arrived and are well, was btw a German fellow. What a shame for the German nationality. I am proud to be a German, but after that occurrence, I felt more like an American than ever before. My American adopters have been great people and both were so easy and fun to work with. I am so happy 5 of my babies found such great homes.

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