Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The empty pen has dried out

I was just outside to get their pen in the house, when i remembered, I don't need to get it in any more. The substrate and the moss were already bone dry, because I didn't mist it since 3pm. How fast it dries out. The plants may be dead tomorrow, but I am not in the mood to water an empty pen. Will get it cleaned out in the morning and mix the substrate in my new flower bed.

It is a pretty sad thing to look at this empty pen. Once I had 8 babies in there, mostly they were all snuggled together. It was kinda hectic with 8 babies, but wonderful at the same time. They all had already different personalities and I could tell who is who just by watching them walking. Like humans, they have all their own gaits.

If I knew more people like Brandy and family, I would start breeding again, (even though it hurts to give them away, it was so nice to have them a few months and see them grow). I always felt it's like a little miracle when such a sweet perfect baby hatched from it's egg. But it was pretty stressful to find the right folks. After I put the adoption on my website, I got hundreds of requests and the emailing forward and back to learn the people know and what they are up to, was incredibly draining on me, especially when I realized, that 98% of the people had no clue and no intentions of providing them what they need.

I just looked at the tracking again, nothing yet, damnit!!!!

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