Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cocoa laid a clutch of eggs today

I was so busy with my thoughts today because all the babies left me, that I didn't look for my big guys. After the babies got picked up, I ran through the yard crying, like a fool, looking where my guys are when I saw Cocoa covering up her nest. she was just done and disappeared between the tall Cannas, Georgy always on her side. Didn't find Daisyboy yet, but my batteries are dead again, so I couldn't make a pic. Cocoa had covered her nest very well and if I hadn't seen her covering it up and leaving, I wouldn't ever have known. Well, I don't know how many eggs she laid this time, it's not even mid August and she's very early this year. Will probably be a stressful winter inside with her laying eggs all the time.

I won't dig the eggs out, just leave them where they are, they will not develop, our nights are too cool, they need a constant temperature in the mid 80s.

Very hard to not look, but I know when I dig them out, I want to incubate them. Not gonna happen this year!

The tracking shows nothing yet, it will show the first scan, once arrived in Hartselle, where the UPS unit is, probably around 7:30/8:00pm.

I feel so empty, my big guys are not in cuddle mood, they don't even want to eat today, and nobody knows where Daisy runs around. I need to look again and at least give him some shell scratches. Cocoa probably is sleeping now, she's always very exhausted, after laying eggs.

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