Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Peanut and Pebbles got adopted

Unfortunately I can't keep the babies, since my space is limited and I have no room to overwinter them all in the house.
The first 2, Peanut & Pebbles got adopted by a woman in Virginia. They went on their journey today at 4:30 pm. I've shipped them UPS over night and probably can't sleep tonight until i know they have arrived and are fine.
Here is a last pic of them, when I packaged them in the box.

I covered them with moist sphagnum moss, but left the containers open until the UPS guy showed up. They both climbed out of the container and looked at me like saying: Good bye Mom.
It broke my heart and I cried for a couple of hours.
I am sure they will heave a great life at their new home, but I felt miserable, not knowing how people take care of the package during the flight.

My heart is bleeding. I still have 6 more left that are going to get adopted. Julie from the Turtle Rescue on Long Island helps me to find very good homes for them all. And with every shipment a piece of my heart gets torn out. I won't breed any more babies.

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