Monday, April 27, 2009

Second day in Pebbles life

Pebbles is a bit bigger than a quarter. she was very tired this morning, when I got her out of the incubator. But she had to endure some more pictures I made of her.

Her yolk sac is only half the size of what it was yesterday.

She got a nice warm bath with her siblings this morning. (Pebbles in the foreground)

Now look at Georgy. Isn't this the same face expression? Georgy must be her Daddy. Pebbles has the same look like her Dad.

After the bath she was fully awake and I could shot a close up of her. Isn't she adorable?
But that was as much as she could take today and I brought her back into the warm moist incubator, so she can go on sleeping, absorb her yolk sac and get stronger.

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